Beginner Ground School

Step 1

Step 1: Beginner Ground School Kiteboarding Lesson

This is the first step in your personal kiteboarding journey! 

Your first class covers:

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  • Kite dynamics

  • Launching

  • Landing

  • Kite introduction .        
  • Safety features
  • Wind orientation
  • Wind window
  • Equipment setup
  • Kite flying

  • Relaunching

  • and more


Beginner water Lessons

Step 2

Step 2: Beginner Water lessons (Hourly rate)

This is your second step to becoming a proficient kiteboarder. Most students are getting up on the board within 3-6 hours

Water Lessons include:

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  • Body dragging
  • Water relaunch
  • In water kite control
  • Board control
  • Power stroking 
  • Self rescue
  • Riding technique
  • and more

Beginner Intermediate

Beginner/Intermediate lessons (Hourly Rate)

Now the real fun begins! 

Its time to learn some new skills and tricks! (Or polish up some rusty ones)

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  • Transitions (carving, switch, toeside, etc)
  • Load & Pop
  • Edging upwind
  • Jumping (more importantly LANDING!)
  • Backroll
  • Jump Transitions
  • Frontroll
  • Jumping with grabs
  • Adding Style
  • and much more

Tricks & jumps



Advanced Lessons Tricks and Jumps (hourly rate)

Let your imagination run WILD! 

Any thing you want to master or learn we are here to help!

from 75.00
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  • Kiteloops
  • Downloops
  • Unhooked tricks
  • Darkslides
  • Hand drags
  • Surf transitions
  • and more