Dominican Republic

Escape to the caribbean kiteboarding paradise 

July 1 - 9

Duration: 9 days

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One of the worlds top kiteboarding destinations. This unique spot offers a tropical atmosphere with warm 20+ knot winds. Temperatures average 77 °F & winds provide a cool breeze at night. Kiteboard flat water, waves, downwinders through remote islands, and the windiest place in the Dominican. Scuba dive shipwrecks, zip line into the Blue Laguna, jump from the 27 waterfalls, learn to dance Merengue, enjoy a massage, go spearfishing and so much more.

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Experiencing the Caribbean with Epic Adventures is a must. Kiteboarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches galore. A true paradise


  • Transportation to/from the airport 
  • Food (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Lodging (Buen Hombre Bungalows and Cabarete Villas)
  • Transportation to and from activities
  • Daily full kiteboarding equipment rental (kite, board, bar, harness)
  • 3 different boat assisted downwinders (Paradise Island, 7 islands, Playa Popa)
  • Scuba diving (2 tank dive, 22m & 30m shipwrecks)
  • Surf/SUP Rental in Cabarete
  • Access to snorkeling & spearfishing gear
  • Camping on the 7 islands (tents, sleeping comforts, etc provided)
  • 27 waterfalls canyoning
  • Cable car ride to top of mountain in Puerto Plata
  • Castle entrance in Puerto Plata
  • Merengue group dance lesson
  • Entrance to Blue Laguna
  • Entrance to Laguna Dudu


  • Flight to POP Puerto Plata (Gregorio Luperón International Airport), STI Santiago (Cibao International Airport)
  • Tips (Guides, staff members etc)
  • Alcohol (Beer and liquor available for purchase in most places)
  • Entry/exit tax (Paid at airport usually in cash, some airlines include it ~$30)
  • Add on activities

Epic Package: Includes everything listed

Learn to kite: Includes the Epic Package plus lessons. If needed, assisted downwinders the following days. Also includes full access to gear rental.

Bring Your Own Gear: Includes the Epic Package minus access to kiteboarding gear.


Packages and prices

EPIC - $3127



Its not about the destination, its about the journey


From kiteboarding in a tropical paradise, scuba diving sunken shipwrecks, wakeboarding thru mangroves, to exploring the "27 waterfalls", zip lining into the blue laguna and surfing Encuentro this 9 day all inclusive adventure trip is the ultimate way to see the Dominican Republic.

Located in the Northwest region of the country lies a tropical paradise for adventure seekers.

We start our journey with pick up from one of the surrounding airports (STI Santaigo, POP Puerto Plata). One of our drivers will pick you up and bring you to the beautiful town Buen Hombre. Enjoy kiteboarding right in front your beachside bungalow. The rustic, thatched roof cabanas really encompass a true paradise. Enjoy fresh locally caught seafood straight from the ocean. Snorkel the crystal clear waters steps from your door or take your shot at spearfishing. The first 2 days we relax, explore, and kite Buen Hombre. Then we venture off to Paradise island by boat, wakeboarding and exploring the mangroves. Once at our oasis we enjoy the surrounding reef snorkeling then off on our first downwinder back to home base (~14km). Breakfast lunch and dinner is included, local cuisine and fresh catch right from the village. After an early breakfast we head to Monti Cristi for scuba diving. This 2 tank dive features a 22m and 30m dive on french and spanish ship wrecks. Lunch in the town of Monti Cristi, then on the boat to the 7 islands. Exploring these untouched islands by kite, boat and snorkel into the sunset. We then have the option to camp on the island and enjoy a locally cooked meal with a campfire. The next day we relax in the morning enjoying local activities or on your own (option to rent a moto to explore the area). Finish the day with a ~16km downwinder to Playa Popa, the windiest place in the DR. We now pack up and head to the 27 waterfalls for some canyoning. slide down water carved rock formations, jump from waterfalls and swim in the refreshing pools followed by a lunch buffet. We now arrive in Puerto Plata to venture up the mountain by cable car to get a birds eye view of the city. Also explore a nearby castle before ending our journey in Cabarete. A nice beach side breakfast then spend the morning exploring the town or grabbing a surf or SUP to take advantage of the waves in Encuentro. After some lunch we head to the beach to kite the world famous beaches of Cabarete. Once the sun goes down the party begins with dinner on the beach, followed by Merengue dance lessons. After a night of strutting our stuff we enjoy a nice breakfast before heading to the Blue Laguna. Zip line, swim and jump into one of the many laguna. A nice lunch then off to kite the "secret spot". Once back in Cabarete we enjoy our final dinner and night out. The next morning we have breakfast, share stories and say our "until next time's". Then our transportation takes everyone to the airport. (if someone has a later flight there are other activities available that can be added on). 


START: Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic


FINISH: Cabarete, Dominican Republic


Time reveals unique experiences


Time to go: June, July, August, September

Best time to go: July, August

Where to stay: Buen Hombre, Cabarete

Airport: POP Puerto Plata (Gregorio Luperón International Airport), STI Santiago (Cibao International Airport), SDQ Santo Domingo (Las Américas International Airport)

Winds: Warm, tropical, 20-30kts, side on shore, on shore. Winds turn on from 11am and blow all night

Average kite size: 9m

Weather: Sunny, hot, tropical, temperatures average around 77 °F (25 °C) and winds provide a cool breeze at night.

Non-kiting Activities : Wakeboarding, snorkeling, surfing, SUP, scuba diving, spearfishing, Paradise Island, 7 Islands, Playa Popa beach, 27 waterfalls, Monti Cristi boat trip, massage, yoga, nightlife in Cabarete, moto rental, horseback riding, mountain biking, monkey jungle and more. 

Requirements: Passport, travel insurance (recommended), smile, clothing (optional), water shoes or sneaker that can get wet. 

Riding Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Food: Buen Hombre being a fishing village has delicious fish, lobster, crab and other sea foods. "La Bandera" (literally "The Flag") is the most popular lunch dish; it consists of meat and red beans on white rice. Other typical latin foods including, rice, bean, fish, beef, pork, chicken, plantain, cheese, cabbage salad

Transportation: Easy to get from airports to locations. Have private drivers and van/truck for students and gear. 

Gear Rental: Full equipment rental (kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, booties, helmet)

Kites: Zian, CORE

Boards: Crazyfly, Nobile, DeSilva, Slingshot, North, Lightwave

Lodging: Buen Hombre - Rustic Bungalows on the beach, sleeps 1-2 people in each, no electric, mosquito nets, shared community showers bathroom. Mansion, 2 queen 2nd floor, 1 queen, 1 single 1st floor, sleeps 7, electric, own Wifi, right on beach. Cabarete - Beautiful villas surrounded by tropical lush garden with private pool. Single, queen, king beds available, electric, wifi, kitchen, lounge, walking distance from the beach. A true local paradise. 

Welcome Package: Sun screen, chapstick, local salt, local chocolate, fruit basket, flower/banana leaf display on bed, Epic Adventures long sleeve UV rash guard, Dominican Republic information card

Add-ons: Massage, Horseback riding, Mountain biking, boat trip Monti Cristi, Monkey jungle, Moto rental in Buen Hombre

Currency: DOP - Dominican Peso 1 USD = 49.4506 DOP

Region: "El Cibao" - has a tropical rainforest climate in the coastal and lowland areas. Occupies the central and northern part of the Dominican territory. Contains the highest peak in all of the Caribbean, Pico Duarte. The largest river of the Dominican Republic the Yaque del Norte. The largest gold mine in the Americas (second largest in the world), the Pueblo Viejo mine. Rice, coffee and cacao are the most important crops grown in the area. 

Local Culture: Music and sports are of great importance in the Dominican culture, with Merengue and Bachata as the national dance and music.

Main Industry: Fishing, tourism, gold mining, recreational tourism, farming

Restaurants: Local seafood and latin cuisine in Buen Hombre, including seafood, meats, rice/beans, salads, fruits and vegetables. All mixes of food in Cabarete. 

Nearby: Buen Hombre is a remote paradise and fishing village, with local shops and food nearby. Cabarete is a very busy town with beaches, restaurants, bars, and tons of action.

Safety: Buen Hombre is quiet and safe. Still be vigilant do not leave things laying around outside without supervision. Cabarete is safe, but a more populated touristic area, keeps things out of sight and locked away when possible.

Water: Drinking water is safe and provided. If ever in doubt while traveling its always good to request bottled water. 

Language: Spanish and English. More rural areas are going to speak primarily Spanish. 

Dominican Republic Retreat. Time to Escape!
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Dominican Republic July 1-9